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  1. Home server upgrade to hp t620

    I managed to snag a second-hand Wyse Dx0Q thin client hoping to realize my long-standing dream of jury-rigging an eSATAp port and having an external 3.5" drive attached directly rather than over USB. The Dx0Q is especially good for this since it has onboard SATA as well as +5V …

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  2. IPsec with Strongswan

    While WireGuard is all the rage these days I think there is still value in rolling out a simple VPN network based on IPSec. The common argument is that IPSec is very complex and easy to misconfigure so it is useful to have a simple 'opinionated' alternative. Well, I am …

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  3. DT Overlay woes

    I had the bright idea of using Device Tree Overlays to save some some time on physically power cycling the Steam Link every time I changed the .dts. One day later, I'm starting to think the kernel developers do not want you to really use DT overlays.

    I toyed with …

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  4. Getting Linux on Valve Steam Link

    I have toyed with embedded ARM devices for a long while. Starting with NSLU2 (Intel XScale) some 15 years ago through various PogoPlugs (Marvell Kirkwood) and QNAP NASes (Marvell Orion) I find myself yet again inexplicably drawn, like a moth to the flame, to strange little device this time based …

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